About Us

About Us

Welcome to the Philadelphia South Asian Collective.

Vision Statement:

Philadelphia South Asian Collective  is building towards an oppression-free Philadelphia by dismantling all supremacist power structures within its own diasporic communities, in solidarity with allies, everywhere.

Mission Statement:

PSAC is an anti-hierarchical diasporic group that initiates and supports campaigns in the Philadelphia area. We inform, empower, organize, and advocate for our values, while de-centering our own privileges and prejudices. The continued growth and success of our movement is centered upon self-determination of historically and currently marginalized groups.


The work of PSAC is guided by our commitment to:

  • Nurture an inclusive space centering historically marginalized voices

  • Build and strengthen relationships with people, organizations and communities through genuine understanding and authentic compassion

  • Hold ourselves and each other accountable to understand how we have internalized systemic violence and how that is impacting others; work together to reduce and eliminate that harm

  • Pursue revolutionary justice rooted in the intersectionality of our lived experiences


  • anti-hierarchical
  • anti-sexism
  • femme empowerment
  • connections to our Philadelphia community
  • anti-racism, anti-caste, anti-capitalism
  • BDS, occupied territories, Kashmir, Palestine, Ferguson
  • outreach
  • education
  • active fight/activism
  • empowerment
  • disability justice
  • lgbtqia
  • reproductive justice
  • solidarity with movements of the oppressed and exploited in South Asia
  • the diaspora, and the US
  • anti supremacist-society
  • immigration
  • sex workers
  • mental health
  • climate crisis